Request for 2000 KETH

Hello, we require 2000 KETH for our project please. This amount should last us a lifetime.

We need the KETH for:

  • Repeated deployment of contracts (we 12 contracts for the project)
  • Repeated testing of contract deployments
  • Repeated testing by in-house development team
  • Future testing with ALPHA users
  • Future testing with BETA users

Thank you.

Our Kovan address is 0x3EecDDBc712f0AE8d72dfBF643d32B074A6bF35A

What is the project? Do you have a link to you Github or other Repo?

Hi 1proof,

The project is Foregate Wallet. Our website can be found at: Links to our social media: Twitter and Medium can also be found on this accounts profile.

The project is proprietary, we do not have a public repository available.

here is 2k KETH

Please enjoy

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Thank you, @igorbarinov .