Request for 200KETH for DIA

Hello this is bits and tea from We are testing our oracles in Kovan and encountering bottle necks due to slow faucets. If you could send us like 200KETH that would speed everything up. Our address is:


Thanks in advance!

ops, looks like the place is abandoned

Please sign a message with the address and post it here

You got it @igorbarinov :

  "address": "0xdf0224fDDF6a6dbd1c46B04D155B3c57c1911F97",
  "msg": "This is proof that I am bits and tea from DiaData",
  "sig": "0xd3566c8a1d2be3dab9cfbbfb519924b9709f2dfc0f4fcc534d0d3b3f8ed588324a7ab34ac3b36537a09092f10c327cf27ec04cc0ecc6c8969ed074e07bd178d81c",
  "version": "2"

bump bump bump hello, any updates? thanks in advance :slight_smile: