Request for 2k kovan ETH for app testing


We are developing the exchange platform system[BTC, ETH, LITECOIN, DASH]. It also has the feature of adding our custom ERC-20 tokens so that they can use it in the exchange platform. Sorry to say this, till this platform is not hosted anywhere, still we are in the developing phase. It would be grateful if you send me 2K KETH to this address: 0xF5f9B813c3c05737f75DD9dddCc3e4928939d132 for my testing the various crypto coins (ETH and as well as ERC-20 tokens in Kovan.

Thank you.

Can you please provide a link to your platform

As I said earlier we are in still testing the application locally using KETH. So there is no hosted link as of now.

Do you have a GitHub for the project?

Yes. We have, but its private repository

ok. Please share few transactions your dapp made on Kovan already

Here is the transaction link in which I have sent 0.01 KETH to address which was generated in our exchange platform.

it doesn’t look like an account used to interact with a platform.
Sorry, we can’t help you with your request.

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Okay! Let me try some more transactions and then I will raise a request again or here I will post those transactions