Request for 30 KETH (or more if you can spare it)

Hi everyone! I am helping to deploy contracts for a token that was recently abandoned/rugged and now community run. They want 1% RFI on buy/sells to go to charity, so in order to test these features I will need to create a small LP and test buys/sells on to make sure all the fee-on-transfer stuff works properly.

The address is 0x6f99b403e1845817515A982b13b06d85Cf33B658 if you could spare 30 or so KETH that should be enough to create a pool for testing as well as any future projects I am involved in. Thank you so much!

Wow sounds like a great idea, wish I had the keth to help. I’m sure someone will donate if it’s for charity

to the Keth whale edgelords that overwatch all Keth and only give to poor students from Bangledesh, I have decided to move over to Ropsten where the rEth flows free.

i bid you all a farewell.