Request for 300 KETH for seeding OpenZeppelin Defender Relayers

On OpenZeppelin Defender, we provide a transaction relayer infrastructure for simplifying the process of sending txs to the network. Each relayer is backed by a fresh Ethereum account. For speeding up the setup, we automatically seed with 1ETH every new relayer to pay for gas on some testnets (Rinkeby and Goerli). We’d love to do this for Kovan as well, but we need a large amount of KETH to do so.

My address is 0xE3D450F1C50757fFB2b5ddE03A1A0d7Bc32F0153


Here you go

We’d love to do this for Kovan as well

Will be great to see it on Kovan. Thanks!

Now that was generous :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, Igor!

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