Request for 50 KETH

Hello everyone.

I am devolping with my team a dapp and I need keth in order to work comfortably. 50 keth will be enough.
I would be so happy if someone can send me 50 keth.

my address; 0x2d3B2D9d32ee2Ed16f6C43368E80667c07eB3623

Thanks in advanced.

Hello Pablo. Would you please share a link to your Github repo or DApp? Thanks!

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your response.

It is an academic project, therefore it is confidential until the moment the project is published. For this reason I cannot share the source code, and the repository is private.

The project is my undergraduate thesis, undergraduate in information systems at the ORT Uruguay University

I hope you understand my situation.

Thanks and regards,