Request for 500-800 KETH for build App

We are building a cross-chain auto arbitrage product on Ethereum and Solana(using the function of Atlas Finance on Solana), and one of our vaults is integrated into AAVE. However, since the AAVE testnet is only available on Kovan, we would have to develop and test the integration there.
But now the chainlink faucet has been turned off, could someone please send us 500-800 KETH to this address

Sorry we can’t disclose too much infos here for now because there is a lot of customized calculations in our business strategy.

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The automatic program has a lot of operations. We estimate that a single address has more than 50-100 operations in an hour. I hope you can help us.

have any TeamMember help? :slightly_smiling_face:

Mojmir, i need your help