Request for 5k KETH

Hi, I am requesting Kovan ETH to fund a faucet we are building at MyCrypto.

Address: 0xa500B2427458D12Ef70dd7b1E031ef99d1cc09f7

With our new dashboard (currently in beta), we are building out a MyCrypto faucet for developers (and users) to test, play with, and understand dapps on testnets. The faucet is guarded by a CAPTCHA to prevent draining, and it is currently configured to give 1 ETH per request.

Here is a working example of the faucet:


Your video looks good! Do you have a Github repo for the faucet code?


Cool. Sent 50k KETH for the future needs

Thank you for the 50k KETH!

Right now it is not public, but I will talk with the team about making it public once we launch!