Request minimum of 100KETH for Contract Development and Testing Please

Hi Admin,

I’m the CoFounder of Bored Puzzles ( … site to be fully completed within 2 days) and my team of 8 are developing the first of many of our NFT Puzzle Games. We are using kovan as our test network to develop the games.

Could you please send 100 to 500 KETH to us? It would be a MASSIVE help to our team as it is very hard to find a faucet anywhere else.


Thank you so much for your time,

P.s. sorry for the multiple edits, hoping this request shows my genuity.

The faucet is here: Faucets | Chainlink and I have also sent you 100 KETH to the address above.

Thank you so much @Mojmir ! We may ask for a little bit more later on, but for now, this is incredible. We are unblocked.

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Sure, feel free to ping me here once you need more.