Request to unlock tokens improperly sent to xMOON bridge

This topic is to request unlocking of tokens improperly sent to the xMOON AMB extension in the Rinkeby network. The tokens are considered improperly sent when a direct transfer to the mediator contract was used instead of using the relayTokens method call.

If you have such kind of issue specify a transaction hash in the Rinkeby testnet that caused the incorrect transfer. We will use the address in the Transfer event emitted by this transaction to try to finilize the tokens transfer. Keep monitoring this forum thread in order provide more info if it is needed or to get the response why the operation cannot be done.

The operation to recover funds requires few days so do not expect the response quickly. Moreover block chain transactions accidentally performing incorrect transfers are being usually considered as users errors so the xMOON AMB extension admins keep the right do not respond on such requests.

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Hi Alex,

I have made such a mistake in sending tokens from my address:


The transaction hash is 0x5964f765fc897210a8f58eee5984e3bb24ed5a94eac6d3e1e23363ca0db4a024

Let me know if I need to provide any further details to confirm or assist.


Hi, the tokens recovery takes longer than expected since requires upgrade of the MOONs AMB extension to a new version. Which requires upgrade of AMB contracts to a new version. Since real value (MOONs token) are involved in this upgrade we need to check every upgrade step carefully twice. It is still ongoing.

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Hi, I had this issue with the following transaction.


Etherescan Rinkeby Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Was sent from address 0xb2010b3B9e1d60933df001a30bC2A8fc523B2241

I really appreciate any help you can give.

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Hi Alex,

I was wondering if there are any updates since your last?



I see that the moon exchange website is back up and running. Any ideas if/when we will be able to get the moons sent to the bridge back?


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Sorry for delay, we had no opportunity to upgrade the contracts to claim the tokens on last week. The plan is to do this on this week.


Thanks for the update and fingers crossed for this week

Hi Alex, is this still going ahead this week?

Sorry for delay. Here is the transaction returning your tokens to you on the xDai chain: Transaction 0x50d573c26c7ec3273b170b832ebc37e9bb340f01cac61edbf99780da0b005f05 - xDai Explorer. Please double check.

Sorry for delay. Here is the transaction returning your tokens to you on the xDai chain: Transaction 0xaa1c2d818ec17e1bd2fc469f5be232aabfaf483cd87c3afbf011fc7492e10c37 - xDai Explorer. Please double check.

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There are also the returning transactions which corresponds transactions in Rinkeby performed incorrect transfers to the MOON mediator contract:

No need to apologise. I cant thank you enough for resolving this. You are a credit to the team.

Again, many thanks and good luck with your endeavours!