Requesting 100 KETH for DEFI+Bridge testing


I am Amin from Giveth ( We are about to launch a new multichain product and need to test on pair of testnets. We chose Kovan - Rinkeby for this purpose.
The project needs staking some eth and getting faucet to testers. I look around faucet web sites and collected from few of them but that’s really small. Would you please send me KETH to this address



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Hello Amin–

I’ve just sent 100 KETH to your address 0xF23eA0b5F14afcbe532A1df273F7B233EBe41C78

to help with the Giveth multichain project. Please say hello to Griff for me! If there is any way for me to help test and troubleshoot please let me know; I’m sure we can bring in others from the POA Network Community to help.

Please confirm your KETH has arrived; feel free to DM me here. Thanks and talk with you soon!


It’s received, thanks a lot

Sure, I will say today :smiley:

It’s our pleasure to someone like you test our product :pray:

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Hello Amin, how is the multichain product testing coming along? Let me know if you need some help!

Hey Jim
Thanks for following up :slight_smile:
I encountered an issue with MetaMask v10 initial versions which didn’t support completely networks with chain id 10 and above! That blocked me and I couldn’t test kovan pools, then switched to another task!
I guess it should have been fixed till now.

I haven’t played with smart contracts after that, but I will do this week.