Requesting 100 KETH for testing on Optimism

Hi! We are a security token platform officially licensed in Canada under Ontario Securities Commission. We distributed registered securities on Ethereum L1 (similar to Centrifuge in US), but it is now way too expensive, so we are migrating to L2 OE.

During testing, we encountered and reported this issue with OE:

This issue prevents us from testing on a local OE node, as a result we have to use Kovan-Optimism for all our tests during dev process. It does not look like the issue would be addressed by OE dev soon, wondering if you could send us 100 KETH for testing? We used to use Rinkeby for beta-testing L1 contracts, so only have a little KETH from faucets right now.

Our address is 0x38e63793993aE54bE374d129f34a3fAF2c382E97


Hi Matt,

I have sent you 100 KETH to the address above. Here is the tx: Kovan Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

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