Requesting 100 KETH

Hello, I am requesting 100 KETH for the purposes of testing my NFT forging protocol - - 100 KETH should last me for ages and I won’t need to scrounge at a bad moment. My address is 0x80EBffD553601340B688f246FD20a57BAab17AaD - thank you for your time! Here’s the tl;dr; from my site about Radius. Radius is implemented as an ERC1155 and a number of ERC20 contracts.

Radius is an algorithmically-governed NFT forging protocol.


Stake Radius to Earn Radius Gas.

Stake Radius LP to Earn Radius Catalyst.

Forge Radius Gas and Catalyst into an endless variety of NFTs. Use more Catalyst, increase your chances


Radius Relics earn you dividends collected during forging.


Radius Powerups give you minting and forging bonuses.


Radius Gems are unique and desirable - and can be engraved once by each owner


64 NFTs can be forged every 15 minutes.


If you don’t forge an NFT, you get a Radius Lottery Token.


Win the Radius Lottery, win collected fees.

Hello, this sounds very interesting! I will see if I can round up some Kovan for you. Do you have a Github link I could review? If still in development feel free to message me directly. I’ll see If I can round up some Kovan for you; will be happy to help test!

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Hey 1proof, I am still in Development but more than happy to grant you access to my org. Just message me your github username. Your offer of testing is deeply appreciated and very welcomed. You can also see and use the app currently - it’s deployed on Kovan and the app is at (early beta! things will break! some ux sucks!) and you can get Radius (and Radius Catalyst, and Radius Gas) in Kovan Uniswap

Some additional information

app: (Kovan beta)

More coming soon, working on social account signups etc now. Right now the project is me on the design / development side, one person backing me with biz dev, and a collection of very part time folks helping out here and there.

Who I am: My name’s Sebastian Schepis - I’ve been around crypto for a while. Bought my first BTC at $2.34, started the Kittehcoin project in 2014, the Syscoin project in 2015, am one of the founders of Blockchain Foundry, a Canadian Blockchain consulting services and products company.

Okay so I came here because my friend told me about being able to get kETH but I just looked at POA and I do not quite believe my good fortune and the serendipity in this.

I have been evangelizing with anyone who will listen about the upcoming integration of all EVMs into a global network of EVMs, allowing for the creation and maintenance of assets in a single global context, with concensus providers underneath interoperating to provide concensus.

I keep talking about this in relation to how ETH is curerntly valued, and how the market is thinking they’re investing in DeFi when they buy ETH, and that this is likely to lead to a massive spike in ETH price as people keep buying in seeing that Defi is exploding, with ETH actually gaining more disproportionally because of the supporting effect of the other concensus providers coming online running EVMs.

Price will of course come crashing down violently the day after ETH maximalists declare victory and the market finally realizes there’s a world of difference between the concensus layer and the EVM layer that uses it.

Anyways - I have been wondering where the people are that know this too and are working on solutions that lead to the inevitable outcome of networked EVMs, because I want to contribute to whatever that project is, and I want Radius to be the first multi-blockchain NFT forge.

I jujst went and bought a bag of mainnet POA! Please do send me some Sokol POA though, I will happily deploy Radius to it.

I’m glad I’m here and thank you again for the testing help! I am also going to update the readme shortly to include instructions on how to test with a locally deployed network.


i am having 1000 KETH. If you want to buy, message me