Requesting 1000 KETH for testing

We are building automated liquidity management for AMMs like Uniswap v3 and newly announced sushiswap v3 and need to some funds to simulate transactions and swaps on uniswap pools present on Kovan.
Previous post offering to pay for KETH got taken down.

I tried to get some KETH from gitter faucet but nobody sent anything. Till now we have been fine using the forked network but now we need to do some real testing and would request some ETH for it

Kindly send at 0x45af3Bd5A2c60B7410f33C313c247c439b633446

Hey, @OGZ can you please share the link/more info about your project? Thanks!

Hi. I’m sorry we are still not public yet. I represent . Regarding the product, it’s something that is still in the ideation and testing phase. We wanted to test on Kovan because it has a very good uniswap pool economy with decent liquidity and trade volume for a testnet.
I apologize we don’t have any public links yet. I knew it would be problem to convince any moderators without public links, that’s why I offered to pay for the eth.

As per more info goes, uni v3 liquidity needs to be actively managed to earn any trading fees as the concentrated liquidity needs to be moved around the active price range. We are trying to build that solution for customers to actively manage their AMM liquidity

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