Requesting 1k KETH to test our app


We are a team of 5 developers (+3 dev environments). Some of our integrations require us to do this development on Kovan (specifically, to use sendwyre).

Could someone send 1K KETH to this address so that I can distribute it to our team? 0x8eB185e20A9B7b31bd48DA19E834B93bE952795E

Thank you

Can you please share more about the mentioned integrations? Share URL or more about what you re building?



We are building a carbon removal marketplace (info here: NORI — Crypto with a Cause | Nori Carbon Removal Marketplace). General premise is that it requires us to frequently mint tokens (erc-20 and NFTs), use uniswap, and then off-ramp into testnet. When testing on Ropsten it was common to spend >0.5eth per dev/day.

Thanks again!

I have sent you 1K KETH: Kovan Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan