Requesting 30-50 ETH for developing DeFi protocol

Hi, will anyone send 30-50 ETH to 0x2f33a1ebac1f8ff0341404c8330cb5f9798f63e1 on Kovan testnet please?
We’re actively building a DeFi protocol focused on financial derivatives and are also testing with other protocols like Balancer right now as you can see the history tx of this address.

The giving of ETH will be very helpful for us to have more test for product.

Thanks very much!

Have you tried getting some from this faucet? Faucets | Chainlink

I tried. And also tried for Kovan Testnet Faucet & kovan-testnet/faucet - Gitter , but still may not be so enough for testing.
Several ETH is also much appreciated for short term testing.
Thanks very much!

I sent you 50 KETH. Kovan Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

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Thank you so much Ser!

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