Requesting 500 Eth

Hi! We’re a Aussie based company that are building a Free chat and earlybird NFT platform. We use a user controlled wallet to facilitate true decentralised owner ship of assets - no need to withdraw - what’s on your account is directly in the wallet.

I would like to request at least 500 KETH. This will be for the developers and testers currently working on this (~10+) whom are starting to use increasing amounts of KETH for testing purposes (buy NFT from server held wallet, transfer between pseudo currency bridge contracts).

It would be also prudent to QA test UI (~$1Million) using large amounts of KEth since the WEI conversion system is built inhouse.

We also have one particular mobile client sided CI pipeline that triggers 20+ times a hour (probably need to reduce this), looking to add some KEth Tests.

Thanks in advance :3