Requesting 500 KETH for game contract testing


We are a game development team and are currently developing a gamefi dapp. I would like to request for 500 KETH for testing our game dapp and the marketplace module in it. I have tried chainlink faucet, but it only provides 0.1 KETH at a time, which is really too slow for us.

Our project is a tactical RPG game with some best equipments dropped in the form of NFTs. And these NFTs are minted when some specific event is triggered. We want to simulate to test if the functionality works as expected at different scales and the price curve of the equipment in marketplace. I think we need at least 500 KETH for these tests. The project is not public yet, but I’m willing to provide more info here if needed.

Our address is: 0xD5A1A73279Cc3aFa2e065B02aa5Ff756c07Ab88D

Thank you.

I sent you 500 KETH: Kovan Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan Will be great to see it on Kovan.