Requesting 500 KETH to integrate DeFi app with Aave


We are building some DeFi products on Ethereum and BSC. One of them would be farming vaults integrated with Aave. However, as Aave testnet is only available on Kovan, we would have to develop and test integration there. More info can be found in this blog post

I have tried Chainlink faucet, but 0.1 is really slow for us (enough for only about 10 deployments, and that 's not considering tx fee for developers and testers), and other faucets are even slower. Could someone please send us 500 KETH to this address? (that should be enough for a while)

Thank you.

Hi, anyone have some KETH to spare please?

I have sent you 300 KETH to 0xAe2c2a922A855d15C150D2b8d59563d56bc10870 for testing