Requesting KETH for Neptune Mutual, Decentralized Cover Protocol

Hi admins,

We are building Neptune Mutual, a decentralized cover solution. You can learn more about Neptune Mutual here:

https:// docs .neptunemutual .com
https:// twitter .com/neptunemutual

We are building on the Kovan testnet, as you can see here:

https:// kovan .hicif .com/

Why do we need 2500-5000 KETHs?

Because we see Kovan as a long-term test network for us. It is also because we are immediately starting on our protocol v2. Additionally, there are other (unannounced) products we are building in parallel.

Since we have a large codebase and we need to deploy ~80+ smart contracts, we are spending around 5-6 KETHs per deployment. Our deployment script can be improved but our main agenda currently is to move quickly and focus more on the user experience.

Currently, we are (re)deploying once a day (or two). We would love to receive 2500-5000 KETH so that we can distribute it to our tech and non-tech team members. We would also love to have you guys participate on our Kovan testnet when we launch (in about a month).


A side note, to discourage spams originating from our end (although highly unlikely), we promise to not distribute any large amount of the KETHs we obtained from you or elsewhere. We fully understand that it is important to maintain the quality of the network and not deteriorate the excellent DX Kovan offers.

I sent 5K KETH to 0x89B9d6FC71Da42a07943C91242fBD1fCbDE33f28 Hope it helps you with your testing. Great to have you guys on Kovan!

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Thank you so much @Mojmir. It is indeed very helpful. :pray:

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