[Research] Professions which require licensing in the U.S

Which professions can be cross-verified validators in Proof of Authority type of network

The short version is that I have provided 20 professions that require governmental licensing in the United States on the attached spreadsheet. In 2015, around 22 percent of employed people in the United States possessed a license.


I have compiled a list of 20 professions from the healthcare, education, legal and protective service, community and social services, personal care and service, transportation, sales, architecture and engineering, and finance industries on the spreadsheet. The number of professionals in each group identified is based on 2014 figures. These figures are obtained from the latest statistics published on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website. Most of the professions listed do not have a centralized, nationwide licensing board for the public to verify licensing information. For the professions which the public is required to visit the respective States licensing boards to verify licensing information, I have provided either a web page that displays the list of State licensing boards or an example of a State licensing board.

Here is a list of professions:

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Insurance Agents
Stock Brokers
Residential Appraisers
General Contractors
Payment processing
Mortgage Broker
Debt Collectors
Debt Management
Auto repair
Private Investigators

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