Restoring my Nifty wallet....please help

Kind of a long story…my buddy and I got into crypto about 18 months ago and aren’t very tech savvy, though we are trying to learn. We have coins on a few exchanges and have about 5-7 wallets each, so we are familiar with the importance of writing down and saving seed phrases. Anyway, we were interested in a presale for Sovryn (SOV) and both entered the auction. We got an email back in January that we both won and were able to get into the presale. I had no access to my computer that day, so my buddy said he would help. The instructions said to set up a Nifty wallet (a wallet neither of us heard of or used). He used his laptop to create my Nifty wallet and his girlfriend’s laptop to create his Nifty wallet. Both wallets got set up without an issue. He sent BTC from each of our wallets to the provided address from Sovryn. Both wallets were connected and the deposits were sent successfully. About a month later we each received an email from Sovryn that it was time to claim the SOV tokens. But now, neither of the wallets would connect. During the month in between the deposit and the email to claim the SOV, my buddy got a new laptop and uninstalled nifty along with everything else on his old laptop. Nifty was also uninstalled on his girlfriend’s laptop as well, the laptops were sharing info or cloned…When he re-installed Nifty on both laptops and went to recover the wallets with the seeds, both seeds were saying “invalid”. The seeds are accurate. Has anyone had any sort of issue like this at all or has any thoughts or ideas on how to restore these wallets? Please advise…thank you