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"Reveal seed words" derives with ETH dpath instead of RSK

Hi team,

We checked that “Reveal seed words” is generating words using ETH dpath. This is wrong. Therefore, address creation is also wrong (private key import/export is OK).
Sorry we didn’t catch this before…

RSK Mainnet dpath: m/44’/137’/0’/0
RSK Testnet dpath: m/44’/37310’/0’/0

This is a critical issue and we are going to offer support & documentation for potential users that could need to restore their wallets (once this is solved).

Again: let us know if you need help to make the change or test it.

Alejandro (acavallero@iovlabs.org)

@Alejandro_Cavallero here is the bundle https://github.com/poanetwork/nifty-wallet/blob/d0eb65385da5ecc397e8eda86b99afd7082d0d98/NW_4.11.10_chrome_dpath_fix.zip with the fix for the aforementioned issue and the related PR is here https://github.com/poanetwork/nifty-wallet/pull/330. I would appreciate if you could test it from your perspective. Accounts should be derived correctly currently for the chains with different from Ethereum dPath. Addresses should be re-derived with the correct derivation path after the networks switch.

Thanks @viktorbaranov, I’ll test it as soon as possible

Yeah, it’s working fine!


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