Running POA bootnode


This one is Sokol. Core Bootnode next.


Ok, I’m trying to deploy Core bootnote, and I need to specify Core Netstats info in the group_vars/all. Where can I find that?

Thanks, MM


NETSTATS_SECRET: “This was provided by Igor”



Hi . Is this bootnode the same as masternode or or they different ?


They are different. Masternodes, we call them validator nodes, run by validators.


Can you let me know the requirements for masternode, i know POA is no longer accepting masternodes at this point but want to keep an eye on any upcoming openings in that area.

Thank you


@jlegassic John, please post your requirements for new validators



Hi and thank you for your interest.

Please declare your interest by posting a message ( here )

We are building out the Validators on the Sokol testnet and we will know shortly if we are to open POA Network for new Validator applications.

The requirements for becoming a Validator on the Core ( mainet ) are:

Let me know if you have further questions.



I did not get the chance to ICO in Nov,2017. But i do want to buy some POA now time. Is there anyone who can tell how to get POA in now time ? Pls leave me a message.
Thanks a lot.


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As @oxanakunets mentioned in her intro, having the experience of running a bootnode in advance is very important to understanding the commitment, process and maintenance required of being a validator. Given the opportunity, being a node operator on any level would be an honor.

I’ve read over the POA wiki, but can’t complete nano group_vars/all without the Netstats info.

Anyone willing to help out?

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Hi Alexander, which instructions are you following - could you please post the wiki link?

Where are you from and how did you become interested in POA Network? Welcome!


Thanks for reaching out, Jim!

I’ve been following the Full/Boot Node Operator - AWS

It’s my understanding that I can’t get to deployment without being provided the netstats secret.

I’m from Kansas City and found out about POA over a month ago. My brother is a strategy consultant for blockchain and virtual currency out in SF and he mentioned what you guys are doing is pretty cool.



Hey everyone,

I wanted to follow up on my initial post.

I’ve been messing around mostly due to curiosity and have successfully created the bootnode. The instance has been running on my aws us-east-2 server, but troubleshooting efforts have been unsuccessful deploying it to without the NETSTAT_SECRET.

I am a notary public in the state of Missouri and would love to help the network in anyway I can. Anyone willing to help?

Alexander Beal
Jackson County


Hi Alexander,
You raised a good question. Please PM me for the NETSTAT_SECRET. It’s actually not that much a secret in the current version on the netstats server. All nodes use the same NETSTAT_SECRET on Sokol and different NETSTAT_SECRET on Core. In the next version of netstat service, the secret will be unique to each node. But for now, it’s a Secret de Polichinelle

When I read the forum, I see that new candidates don’t know much about onboarding process and current queue.
I know you as an active participant in the forum.

Do you mind to create a post with a table of current validators on Sokol and Core with the status when and how they were added to the network?

And a separate table with applicants, a status of their notary license and state, sorted by date. This way is existing, and new candidates can get a sense of available spots and velocity of adding new validators.

You could use Markdown syntax for it

Apparently, existing validators are interested in new validators to mitigate risks of consensus and not interested in new validators because it dilutes their reward. It’s good to see the progress towards the designed number of validators

I thought about 25 validators with voting rights plus master of ceremony (MoC). Twelve first validator, let’s call them ‘friends of the MoC’ were onboard by MoC. They will add twelve more validators by onchain governance plus one.

Let’s hope this post will help to clarify current state of onboarding of new validators.


Thanks for your response @igorbarinov

I’d be happy to build out those tables for you and the rest of the community



Just create a new topic and try to figure it out how to make this information about applicant sorted and aggregated. It could be a good overview for new applicants.


Hi Igor - I am relatively new to POA. I dont come from a technical background, but I am fascinated by blockchain in general and POA in specific. I am trying to launch a bootnode and I am at a point where it asks me to contact Master of Ceremony to get few items. I searched the forum and came across this post. I will PM you shortly