SAI bridge deposit not showing up

We must have missed this router in our update round so it attempted to make a SAI deposit. As far as I’m aware this is still supposed to work and has worked as recently as 11 something days ago.

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On 16th of April we announced here and here that the xDai bridge stops accepting Sai tokens. The reason of this is that MakerDAO stops converting Sai to Dai. Since they did not accept Sai to be converted, the xDai bridge was under the risk to be imbalanced (one could withdraw more Dai the bridge has on the balance) that’s why we stopped the operations with Sai as well.

  1. please send proof that you have access to the wallet by signing a message:

this wallet is operated by ttk2

  1. Provide here an address where to send Dai
  2. We will send you Dai from our #safu fund

P.S. Locked Sai will be claimed by validators ( line 1274) on the next upgrade and returned to our #safu fund


Regarding any unclaimed Sai, please see the following post for claiming instructions.

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