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Sample of Burner Wallet 2 plugin to simplify the UI deployment for tokens relays on top of AMB


Any DApp looking to prepare an extension for Arbitrary Message Bridge to relay tokens between the Ethereum Mainnet and xDai/POA may use a sample of the exchange plugin for the Burner Wallet 2: https://github.com/poanetwork/tokenbridge-burner-wallet-plugin.

This sample can be used to rapidly deploy a UI for Dapp users. For example, if you use the standard mediators we are suggesting to bridge ERC677 to ERC677, all you need to do is specify the addresses of deployed mediators and tokens contracts. It will take less than 10 minutes!

We provide comprehensive documentation on how to use our prepared resources to make developing of new exchange plugin convenient. Docs can be found on the official tokenbridge documentation site: https://docs.tokenbridge.net/amb-bridge/create-a-burner-wallet-plugin-for-your-amb-bridge-extension.

Please use this topic for any questions you may have during plugin development.