Sent bao from xdai to ftx wallet erc20 address *sigh*

the tokens are still sitting on the xdai side of the network but not showing up on my ftx exchange, (as not supported)
is there anyway i can export my ftx erc20 address to metamask, as i would then be able to just access the coins on the xdai side of the network through that…
have messaged ftx support but they can take their time in responding and i think it could just be fixable from my end if i could figure out how…
anyone know how to export an exchange address to a wallet like metamask?
sorry for the hassle i sent the tokens over whilst unwell and not thinking clearly.
really hoping my bao isn’t lost on the network for good
or is there a way to maybe send the tokens back without logging into the erc20 address on xdai? in over my head here… but dont see why there wouldnt be any way to recover the tokens :frowning: pls help if you have any ideas

Only FTX can access those coins, only they can help you. Btw they have very active admins in their Telegram group, try writing there to receive a faster response.