Sent EWT to an ETH address generated with ledger nano X

Hello POA team.
When I wanted to withdraw from Kucoin Interchange to my ledger nano X some EWT (Energy Web Token) I generated an ETH address. I used this same address to withdraw the EWT.

After that kucoin announced that the transaction was finished and then i found out that I shouldnt used. So aparently the EWT is been sent to the Energy Web chain using this ETH address…

The questions are: How can i access these tokens? Are they lost or is there a way to get them back… what do is should do next? this is the link to the transaction…

I would do really apreciate if someone can help me out. I am pretty new in cryptos and even I try to do my bests i cannot understand everything.

Thank you very much in advance for helping me

Please contact EWB team at

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