Sent Matic to exchange but never received

Hi, I sent my matic to an exchange. The transaction showed successful, but it was never received. Please help.


Hello, I am having the same issue rn, i contacted coinbase on my end, did you contacted them? If yes did they awnser you?

You should contact the support of the exchange where you sent the tokens.

I did the same thing. No response from Coinbase. Have you had any success?

Hi Everyone, I was able to work with the exchange and they returned my Matic. The reason why there was a delay was because I sent it from Matic mainnet and they only accept it from erc20. Good luck getting yours back.

You were able to work with Coinbase? How were you able to contact them?

Hi everyone, I am brand new here this evening. I had to ]]sign up ]just looking at the matic transaction posts, I felt right at home. I sent a transaction of 2,000 matic from my account to D’Cent. Well, here we are a week almost behind this issue and I still don’t have my transaction. The other weird thing is this action shows as successful and shows a balance as a watch list on my Zerion DeFi account. I am too new myself and truly lost as to where to go from here. I am out the last of my savings 3k + and need help getting it back.

My transfer took place on May 29, 2021 @ 6:13pm EST to my D’Cent Matic/polygon address:


Transaction Hash: 0x07b8403b28c99fe6b2387b505bf032caf1d21a3a2b2b4a5de4192e21a9dcf722

If I am happy to investigate your and anyone eless too!