Separate Web and Indexer deployment

We would like to separate the indexer from the web. We have tried setting the following parameters. It causes blockscout to build.


Is there any documentation / pointers on it? We would eventually want to create docker containers and use k8s.

Hi, we have no specific instruction on how to separate indexer and web application. However, the setting of those environment variables should be enough. Though we did not test it via k8s. Keep in mind that currently both applications still need to have write access to the DB since users should be able to write contracts metadata via verification through UI and API endpoints. Secondly, we aware of a bug when the configuration of a web app with a read-only DB replica doesn’t work.

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@viktorbaranov, thanks for your reply. I have only tried to stop the indexer on the web front end by changing DISABLE_INDEXER=true. In theory, that should be all I need to do, right. However, it is not working.

I will test it again and then open a bug report with details.

Yes, please let us know, which error you encounter, through a bug report via Github.

I have restarted the sync process. I am running it on both our testnet and mainnet. I will post any update/information when I have them.

how is everything? do any updates on the topic?

Was able to get it to run on docker. I have not been able to separate by function.

I am running against Energi blockchain. It is not completing the sync. Waiting for it to complete before I do any additional work.

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