Sherina Yang, CA - Notary Public

Hi everyone,

I am extremely excited to participate on the POA Network and wanted to give a quick introduction for myself. My name is Sherina Yang and while I am fairly new to the crypto space, having only been introduced in early 2017, but definitely a firm believer that the use of blockchain and decentralized application technology will only continue to grow.

In my opinion, I believe the most attractive facets of the POA Network is that there are already strong governance controls built in and tangible plans on how to manage long term yet sustainable growth. A key part of this is the use of notary publics as validators. Hence, as a current validator on the core network, my responsibility is to continue to monitor and ensure my nodes are running consistently, updating any codes or hardforks when necessary, de-bugging any errors but overall, being thoughtful about how to contribute to the network and ensure that it runs smoothly.

Another key reason as to why I am excited about this project is that one doesn’t need to be a technical expert to participate. When I joined the POA Network last year and began as a validator on the Sokol test network, the community has been extremely active and helpful. I believe this also speaks to the quality and passion of the founders and its various contributors and a key part of why I am excited to be part of a community that is as engaged and knowledgeable as this one.

Personally, I am currently a Risk Advisory Manager at EY and my expertise has been helping Financial Service Companies enhance/develop/revamp their governance framework across multiple risk functions. I am a CPA from California, US and also a CPA, CA from Canada. I believe my knowledge around governance and risk mitigation can be helpful to this community and I look forward to contributing.

Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out to speak on any of the points I touched above!




You must be a fast learner, because you do so well on sokol and core! Love your business experience and you’re a wonderful addition to make the POA team stronger. Welcome Sherina! :slight_smile: