Shortest way from ETH to xDai?

Right now I’m trying to make the onboarding process easier for non-crypto users, but since the contracts are on xDai, we need to get them some of it.

We got them buying ETH using fiat, and we are looking for the shortest path to get them some xDai straight with just having ETH.

I saw this post which is a bit old, Introduction of direct ETH-xDai swap with the xDai bridge and Uniswap

I’m wondering if there’s a similar option that’s got implemented since then, one of the team members said that some integration was being worked on, but I can’t find anything about it.

Thank you in advance!

You can use meta transactions in your application to remove the need of xDai for gas for your users. Here is a documentation for it

The second recommended option is to bridge Dai to xDai first from the service side and after include distribution into your onboarding process.

Please let me know if it helps

Thank you for your response @igorbarinov ! It is very helpful.

For some context, our team, including @crisog are currently developing a DApp to enable facebook groups to easily launch and manage their own Aragon DAOs. We are working to abstract as much of the web3 stuff as possible for the users and providing a seamless experience. Onramping from fiat to xDAI in the least steps possible will also be an important part.

Would your team be interested in having a chat with us at some point? We can gladly arrange something.

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enable facebook groups to easily launch and manage their own Aragon DAOs.

Interesting. Is there a demand for it on Facebook? Sound weird but cool.

Sure, please add me on telegram @igorpoa for faster coordination