Siarhei Barylau, CA - Notary Public

Hi everyone!
My name is Siarhei, I am Notary Public in the state of California.
Software engineering is one of my biggest passions. Why am I so passionate about it?
It is about constant learning and improving; reaching the highest possible efficiency; adapting to the ever-changing surrounding world; questioning the validity of our views and approaches; continuous search for a better way. I believe engagement in software engineering projects shapes one’s personality in a way that helps one be the best potential self because it sets you on a path of continuous improvement. This endeavor eventually led me to the world of crypto. Early 2018 blockchain world caught my attention and I have been exploring it ever since. I believe it has great potential that has not been recognized yet, and one of the main things that excite me is decentralization.
I learned about POA network from Ilmira, POA network validator. This network got me interested in particular because of its Proof of Authority concept. I was very excited to discover that this simple idea may help overcome lots of current limitations. It is very captivating to be part of this community and I am thrilled about what future has to hold for this project.
I am actively learning solidity so I could understand technical details and possibly contribute if I find something I believe could be improved.
I am sure I have what it takes to be a solid validator on the network, I can offer my technical expertise and enthusiastic energy to the community. I would be delighted to be considered as a candidate.

Notary Commission Number: 2247900
Commission expiration date: 06/28/2022
Notary search link:


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Hi, Siarhei! Good to see you here. Be sure to follow POA updates on and read throw this guide POA Validators & Candidates Guide


Hello POA community, to support the network I deployed a sokol bootnode and looking forward to contributing in any way I can further. @miran , thanks a lot for all the help! I found POA medium, telegram channels and github wiki very helpful.

Hi @Siarhei, since you recently were added to POA Core validator set, please add your data through using your Voting Key and Set Metadata page.