Smart contract verification: EVM version details

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When verifying a smart contract in Blockscout you will provide the EVM version the contract uses. If the bytecode does not match the version, we try to verify using the latest EVM version.

For more information, see the Solidity docs on specifying the EVM version when compiling a contract. Note that backward compatibility is not guaranteed between each version.

Name Date Mainnet Block # Relevant changes / opcode specs EIP details
1 Homestead 2016-03-14 1,150,000 Oldest version
2 Tangerine Whistle 2016-10-18 2,463,000 Gas cost to access other accounts increased, impacts gas estimation and optimization.

All gas sent by default for external calls, previously a certain amount had to be retained.
3 Spurious Dragon 2016-11-18 2,675,000 Gas cost for the exp opcode increased, impacts gas estimation and optimization.
4 Byzantium 2017-12-17 4,370,000 Opcodes returndatacopy, returndatasize and staticcall available in assembly.

staticcall opcode used when calling non-library view or pure functions, which prevents the functions from modifying state at the EVM level, this even applies to invalid type conversions.

Ability to access dynamic data returned from function calls.

revert opcode introduced, revert() will not waste gas.
5 Constantinople 2019-02-22 7,280,000 Opcodes create2, extcodehash, shl, shr and sar are available in assembly.

Bitwise shifting operators use shifting opcodes (shl,shr,sar), requiring less gas.
6 Petersburg 2019-02-22 7,280,000 No changes related to contract compiling (removes EIP 1283)

I am tyring to verify and publish a smart contract but it keeps asking me for the contract name. Where can I get that?

Hi - please see this post for more details: Verifying Smart Contracts

Contract Name: Name of the class whose constructor is called in the .sol file. For example, in:

contract MyContract {


MyContract is the contract name.

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