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As we have grown as a community in the telegram members, it has become important to create a set of rules for all our community members to follow. The rules below are an extension of basic decency and courtesy. Continuously breaking these rules will result in a ban from the telegram channel.

No FUD or rumours

Any attempts at spreading rumours such as listing dates, partnerships, will result in a ban. The same is applied for any attempts at spreading FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).

No Swearing

This is self-explanatory. We would like to keep the Telegram a civil discussion space for POA.

No abusing/disrespect to other users

We like to hear what the community thinks and we like to engage them in discussions. We will not tolerate any abuse or disrespect to other community members or admins in the telegram.

No price speculation

Price speculation is frowned upon in this Telegram due to regulations. We also want people to discuss the technological aspects of POA and the various use cases. Price and trading discussions would not be beneficial to the community.

No spamming.

This is simple. Keep topics relevant to POA. Postings of multiple stickers and spamming will result in banning