Sokol network acting strange

There seems to be some really odd behavior in sokol. Using the sokol archive node We are getting errors regarding FeeTooLowToCompete for txn’s that have a gas price of 7 gwei (it actually was working with 7 gwei, but then eventually even 7 gwei became too low and triggered this error), for sokol this seems astronomically high, since normally gas prices with a nominal 1 gwei are sufficient. Also, block propagation seems really slow, i’ve given up waiting many minutes for txn receipts. I see on blockscout that the last updated block was, as of now, 5 hours ago. Is there some kind of malicious network activity that is occurring right now? or perhaps we are having some issues with the validator nodes?


is this perhaps a london related change? the we are using is a bit older (5.12.2) and I don’t think it has any of the london related work in it.

increase Gas to 10 Gwei or higher, 20 eve better; increased use is seeing many Transactions on the Sokol Network.

BlockScout (all blockchain explorers) reflect network activity, they do not drive activity. BlockScout may be re-indexing or updating. Hope this helps!

Thanks. Do you know if there is a gas station for Sokol like there is for xdai? Or should we just start relying on EIP1559 for determining gas prices going forward?