[Sokol] -- Notification of intent to create add Validator Ballots for Kaitlin Nolte

Sokol Validators,

Melanie and I would like announce our intent to create ballots to add Kaitlin Nolte as a Sokol Validator. The ballots will be created Thursday 4/26 and expire in 72 hours on Sunday 4/29

Kaitlin has shown keen interest in POA Network and has expressed her interest and intent in POA Network decisively, by acquiring her Notary Commission in short order. She has completed the process and I have personally validated her commission license, status and address via email with the County Clerk in Clay County Missouri. The ability to search validate her Notary information/address online will be available shortly.

She has expressed interest in hosting a bootnode on the Core Network and has successfully worked though many of the technical install prerequisites on her own ( athough outside her comfort zone). Melanie & I will follow-up with her shortly in that regard.

We believe Kaitlin has all the qualities of a Validator:

  • analytical, thoughtful & measured
  • open and responsive
  • interested & engaged
  • willingness to challenge herself

Finally, Kaitlin adds diversity of attitude/background/perspective and geo-location that is crucial for the overall security/health of POA Network.

We encourage all to review Kaitlin’s profile, here, and reach out to her with comments/questions regarding her candidacy.

John LeGassic


Hello everyone!

First and foremost, I am very excited to be part of this community.

The engagement of all of the Validators is one of a kind and I appreciate the transparency,
willingness to help, dialog and discussion!

I have great interest in Blockchain technology as it relates to healthcare. In my 8-5 role, I am continuously working on projects to make interoperability and workflow streamlined for the best outcome at the lowest cost to our hospital/health system. I believe Blockchain technology will be the face in the future of healthcare - and will continue to evolve.

Primarily, I hope to continue to see some movement and transformation in health data security (i.e. protection while exchanging medical records from point A to point B or from referring provider (A) to specialist provider (B)). I see a role for POA Network to play in this space and that REALLY excites me.

My goal is to add value to POA by fulfilling duties as Validator, as well as exploring POA Network’s role in the health data security domain mentioned above - and I feel fortunate to be given the opportunity to be voted into Sokol.

Happy to field any questions.

Thank you for your time.


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