Sokol tesnet bridge to ETH testnet?

Hi, is there a bridge between sokol and another ethereum public testnet?

Thanks in advance


What kind of the bridge are you looking for?
Recently we deployed Arbitrary Message Bridge. Transferring ERC20 tokens through this type of the bridge is also possible.

Hi @akolotov - I want to test deposits and withdrawals of ERC20 token contracts from sokol to another network - end game is to be on xDAI - so mainly looking for a bridge I can use to offramp from xDAI like (a.k.a. sokol) to another network.

I suppose the requirement is a test xDAI network to ETH testnet is what I originally was looking for.

Looks like there is a token bridge from Sokol to Kovan - I will try and use this.

Thanks :+1:

BTW, you always can deploy your own bridge setup between any networks you would like to. You can use these instructions. They are for an old version of software but you adapt them to the new ones. If you meet any issues we can assist you through the forum.

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@akolotov @jamesmorgan did you guys end up deploy this bridge?

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Hi Griff! You can find addresses of the deployed contracts here:

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Heroes all of you. Thank you!

Great work guys, we didn’t deploy anything concrete, thanks for getting this out!