Sokol Testnet resources

Here you will find resources which will help you start developing on **Sokol** network.

Network ID:

Official blockchain explorer for the Sokol network hosted on BlockScout:

Tokens faucet of the Sokol network:
The faucet is used to get free coins for testing on the Sokol testnet.

RPC endpoint. Should be used to connect a DApp or a Wallet to the network:

Nodesmith RPC endpoint (requires free Nodesmith account for your API key):

Additional resources

WebSockets Endpoint (can be useful to setup BlockScout for Sokol)

Archive Fullnode Endpoint (can be useful to setup BlockScout for Sokol)

Chain spec files and known bootnodes of the Sokol network

Alternative explorer based on Etherchain Light:

Ethereum Networks Stats aka netstats with a list of nodes on Sokol network. Nodes should have netstats agent installed to be listed in the netstats.

Governance DApps:
To use governance dapps please switch to Sokol network in your Nifty Wallet


hi, happy to write in here :), hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Im getting an error on the site trying to get 0.5 POA
This is what I get when I try to get 0.5 POAs,
on the screen: Error, internal server error)
on the console:
{code: 500, title: “Error”, message: “Internal server error”}
(I changed the network to POA Sokol and am using Nifty Wallet 4.11.3 on chrome, linux mint distro)
any idea what it could be?

greetings and keep up the good work!!

Just tested and received using the faucet.
without errors on Macbook Air. There is no need for NiftyWallet to use the faucet, you just paste in the address.

If you send me your address in DM I’ll send u some test coins.

it works, I thought I had to register into nifty or metamask in order to get the 0.5 POA in Sokol network, didnt see the field to write the address, :sweat_smile: