[Solved] I have been waiting 3 days to receive xDai sent back to Mainnet Ethereum (and still waiting)

I recently used xmoon.exchange to sell some r/cryptocurrency moons. After selling the xMoons for about 195 xDai, I used the xmoon.exchange bridge (or the bridge which it uses) to exchange my xDai to receive mainnet DAI in my mainnet Ethereum wallet. I have done this previously when there was less demand and it was instant. Upon seeing posts here saying it took a couple of hours I decided to wait but it has been 3 days now and I’m a little bit concerned.

xDai transaction: https://blockscout.com/poa/xdai/tx/0x34738255295c447719b8f203de32b75a6933c59894a14588f7e46198e565c82e/internal-transactions

xDai address: 0x86a84eFA40c80b6343905585BcCd9C7CBa3A3A19

Mainnet Ethereum Address which is yet to receive the 195 DAI: 0x86a84eFA40c80b6343905585BcCd9C7CBa3A3A19

Solution: Go to https://bridge.xdaichain.com/ and click “haven’t received your tokens?” Then enter the tx hash of your deposit into the bridge in the pop-up field. More info in the link in my reply down below.

Found a solution in the replies here: Xdai to Dai conversion via xdai.io - not receiving my DAI