Stephen Arsenault, MA - Notary Pending

My name is Stephen Arsenault and live north of Boston, in Massachusetts. I am 29 years old and just got involved in blockchain world, February of this year, 2017. I remember seeing bitcoin back in 2010 and regret not getting involved then, just like the majority of newcomers, nowadays. I do what I can to be involved, try running a couple websites, have a few GPU miners running all time, but none of that is giving reputation for my name and would love to get more involved.

My professional life consists of many different trades, but computers have only been a major hobby of mine since I was 12 years old. Back then, I participated in affiliate networks like, clickbooth and a few others, but didn’t stick with it long enough to make it a career. As for software development, I know my front-end development languages, also a broad knowledge in javascript and c++. I am currently enrolled in University of New Hampshire to further my coding abilities, to be able to move along to yet another career path, hopefully the last path I will be taking.

My current career is an Automotive Repair Technician and have been one for about six years now. I have also worked in carpentry and spent another six years working as a industrial electrician, building/wiring/testing complex machinery for companies like Ingersoll Rand, Raytheon, SemiGear, Northwave Technology, and many more. What attracted me to money instead of furthering my education was having my first son, it didn’t happen until I was 21, but I planned to go to school until he came. Since my first son, I have now gotten engaged to a woman who had two sons of her own and we ended up having a daughter and twin sons, since. Now that I have a big family of my own, I think it is time to get a more permanent career path going in my life and that is the reason for finally going back to school after so many years.

What attracted me to Oracles network is the ICO Wizard. I was having some issues with the final step, Igor and Viktor were both very helpful in deploying fixes for the issues I was faced with and providing support along the way. Their support is the reason I have endured within the network since and why I believe that this project will go beyond its expectations. My main reason for wanting to become a public notary for the Oracles network is to be more involved with the blockchain world and with my broad development knowledge, there aren’t many ways to get publicly involved and gain reputation. After being involved in blockchain for about nine months now, I can see that this is just the beginning of a new world order, a new currency that WILL be adopted by central governments around the world, eventually. One of the biggest problems with blockchain and reasoning for the adoption not taking place is identity. Oracles network and its partners will solve a big part of that and hopefully will open up allot of eyes around the world.

Name: Stephen Arsenault
Location: Massachusetts, United States
Notary License: Pending

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Name: Stephen Arsenault
Location: Massachusetts
Notary License: Not Applicable in Massachusetts
Expiration Date: 01/31/2025

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