Stuck at 'Associate Crowdsale address

Hi again,

First of all a huge thanks for this wizard, it’s awesome.

Secondly, I’m stuck in the wizard at step ‘Associate Crowdsale address to current account’. I’ve sent the ETH for that step, but it still shows the clock icon.

Any idea what causes this? The ETH transferred well, see

Cheers, Johan

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Are you on Mainnet? Do you have any errors in Developer Console? You can click to tx in the last MetaMask with the link to Etherscan. You can see whether it is pending or not.

Yes, I’m on Mainnet.

The transaction went slow, so I resent it with a higher gas price.

These are the two transactions:

The console shows the following error:

Note: I altered the url’s because new users can only post 2 links.

Unhandled rejection Error: No “from” address specified in neither the given options, nor the default options.
at Object.h._executeMethod (wizard.oracles/static/js/main.8cd22e81.js:1:2151246)
From previous event:
at i.p [as _captureStackTrace] (wizard.oracles/static/js/main.8cd22e81.js:1:1719684)
at i._then (wizard.oracles/static/js/main.8cd22e81.js:1:1749034)
at i.then (wizard.oracles/static/js/main.8cd22e81.js:1:1747402)
at wizard.oracles/static/js/main.8cd22e81.js:1:928793

Increasing of gas through MetaMask is not recommended

Check if you are signed in MetaMask (it looks like no one account is unlocked). And refresh the step 4 page. Deployment process should continue.

Thanks Viktor, that works!