Stuck at Token Wizard Step 4

I can click on “+Download File” and on “–> Continue” but nothing happens.

I am stuck on this for almost 2 days.

I use MetaMask with Kovan Testnet.
All transactions confirmed with tx fees between 0.000031369 and 0.000943121.
I have not touched GAS parameters (where?how?)

My Ethereum Account is: 0x0d1BE3bdBC59503A41D75Db60214fd1b756a5Be2

Please attach logs from Chrome Dev Console for investigating

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You should be able to change gas fees in Metamask to do each transaction of the work to be confirmed. Kovan testnet should be fine. When done you should be able to “download file”.

Please share screen shots so POA forum can help. Glad you are trying Token Wizard!

thanks viktor and eli,

here is the screenshot.
This is after: 1) Resume, 2) MediaMaskConfirm, 3) MediaMaskSuccess and then 4) Click Download on Step 4 (image attached).

Note that start- and end-date of the test ico are now lapsed, but I don’t know how to get back and reset them.

Error is: Uncaught TypeError : utils.js 677, cannot read property ‘rate’ of undefined

Hope this helps.


Your test crowdsale is here:

We have created hotfix for your problem (unable to download summary files): When this PR will be merged, the changes will be implemented in the main link of wizard.

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Thank you. Test Crowdsale is up.
FYI: just before the crowdsale page appeared, a window with “You do not have MetaMask installed” appeared. I don’t experience any problem though (and obviously have MetaMask installed).

This message is displayed also if MetaMask is installed and you were logged out from it.