Suleyman Duyar, Notary Public


I focus on and invest in Blockchain technologies because of their potential to economically empower individuals. Trusted networks can create a strong incentive for individuals to transact directly. Like Amazon or EBay, blockchains will improve our lives, but first they need a foundation.

I am excited about Notarycoin because it provides several solutions at once. Notary is an important function in our lives, and embedding it on the blockchain improves the process, reliability, and enforcability, while also allowing notarization to be integrated with powerful networks like Ethereum.

As a notary I am sworn to uphold the constitution. As a human, I believe in fairness and opportunity. I am happy to be involved in a project that combines these ideals. I believe Notarycoin is a needed foundational block for transacting in the new world.

Commission ID: 50060127
Notary Name: Suleyman Duyar

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POA Validators & Candidates Guide
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