Support Team Info Requested

Is there a support team that I could speak to?

Yes, what is your questions?

Hi Igor,

Thanks for getting back to me. I think nothing can be done now but please make people aware there is a scam going around offering the a final 1% crowdsale token with minimum deposit of 1ETH.

Unfortunately I was careless and naive and fell into the trap. The scam uses an address as below:

Kind Regards,


I apologize for your loss. We will report the scammer to abuse team of AdWord and Domain register.

This scammer has so far netted 37 ETH. Last one was as recent as 21 hours ago. This makes me think - if the funding was done through a DApp running on the network being funded, there might be less phishing scams like this. To fund you’d first have to connect to the network in question, and scamming that is a lot harder than copying a website. Don’t see any other way of making it harder for scammers to do their thing.

Is this wallet address not linked to someone?

Apologies for my ignorance, as I am new to all this and trying to find out how things work (with the hard way apparently), it is difficult for me to conceive that this is not linked to a psychical person, just as my wallet address is linked to me. But, i guess this is a part of the block chain system which I am investing in, ironically.

One last remark on this matter: Do you recon that a fraud claim to the local authorities will have any results?



Anyone can generate an ETH address. While the transfers from that address to other addresses is publicly traceable, tracking them physically down could prove to be very hard, as they could exchange those coins on an unverified exchange account. At the amounts in question, no one would take on tracking him down. It needs a couple of more digits behind it to become economically attractive, and even then - no guarantees. Depends how smart they are.

Good thing ICOs aren’t funded on ZCash, DASH, PIVX - no way to track fund movements there, by design.

Best, Michael