Tagging $STAKE in all posts to create awareness

It has been seen in many posts from the Xdai Twitter handle that $STAKE is not tagged many times. I am proposing that with every post made that $STAKE be tagged for awareness and support of this critical component of Xdai ecosystem/security. There is a disconnect with Xdai and STAKE and the more eyes come to STAKE the better for Xdai security.

Thank you


It’s not going to happen. STAKE will be tagged only in relevant posts.

Isn’t $STAKE part of the Xdai ecosytem. Myself and the community would love to hear your thoughts on your thinking on this

will STAKE be listed on Binance or coinbase ?
will XDAI become a shard of ETH chain and if so when!
i feel STAKE is slowly drifting away beyond outside the bottom 500-1000 listed on coinmarket cap…
i have the most respect for the team but the awareness isnt the problem its the fact that stake only provides stable and cheap transactions.
XDAI STAKE is amazing and very impressive but something is missing and i cant put my finger on it. DW im trying to figure it out!