Testing: Sokol + MEW + Ledger (HW Wallet)

Testing on Sokol via MEW and a Ledger Nano S (I was then going to try out my Bitbox next) when I hit an issue:

  1. went to myetherwallet.com
  2. Change network (upper right hand side) to Sokol Testnet:eth (custom)
    (I’m successfully connected to the network - pop’s up in purple at the bottom of my window)
  3. Send Ether & Tokens -> Ledger Wallet -> Connect to Ledger Wallet
  4. I select the default HD path
  5. When sending Sokol coins from my ledger to another address (in my case, back to my MetaMask) problem:

A) MEW creates the transaction
B) Ledger then asks to sign transaction
C) I then SEND/Broadcast the now signed transaction via MEW again

Error in red at the bottom of my window displays:

Invalid Chain ID

I see in the JSON the chainID is set to 1. That seems correct.


The fact that I can see a balance in the first place (the address I’m playing with: 0x4F29DC284120faD84354A981d30da20a28c0f0ba) suggests that MEW is able to poll Sokol. The broadcasting, not so much. Is this a POA Network or MEW issue?