Tether USD from BSC

Hello I have transfer usdt to my wallet on xDai chain, amount It on my account but symbol is Tether USD from BSC went I have exchang to Tether USD xDai it it
200.37401036 Tether USD from BSC = 4.88949 Tether USD xDai

Help me for this problem
Cry, Not received my token on Tether USD xDai

I have sent you some xDai for the gas.

Move this USDT back to BSC and swap to Dai or USDC and then bridge these coins to xDai (you are using the same bridge for everything). Once back on xDai with either Dai or USDC from BSC, use to swap it to wxDai - you will find plenty of liquidity for it on xDai.

Hi, I am met with the same problem. Didnt know it was so problematic with USDT. Now stuck with 370usdt in xdai that cannot be moved anywhere. Can I have some xdai in the Eth Mainnet to convert it back please? Thank a lot!

My address: 0xD370657407bEd503E765e7704f32Da54D3da36C6

Checking your wallet, this is now solved right?

Yes its solved! Thanks a lot =)