The notary status of some validators has expired, and the poa network is at great risk

I noticed that the notary status of some verifiers has expired, and there is a huge risk in the poa network. These people are completely opaque and don’t have any communication with the community. Why do they have to mine tokens for them? Send money to the expired validator?

If there is no team, no one is willing to continue to maintain the network, please declare death.

In conjunction with the upcoming hard fork migration already announced for POA Core Network, the Validator MetaData update approval contracts seem to be in stasis awaiting these updates. This means that updated Validator records are pending until those sections are updated. The POA DevTeam is aware of the pending update approval issue and this does not affect the operation or security of the blockchain. Here’s a section from the roadmap:

"Berlin HF Migration
Target: Q1 2021

To maintain compatibility with Ethereum Mainnet, the Berlin Hard Fork will be activated on the POA Sokol Network and the POA Core network following a successful Ethereum migration. Berlin is currently scheduled for January on Ethereum, and will introduce the following EIPs:

  1. EIP-2315: Simple Subroutines for the EVM
  2. EIP-2929: Gas cost increases for state access opcodes

POA Sokol and Core will be supported by both OpenEthereum and Nethermind Clients."

If you have not yet had time to review, lease review the updated POA Roadmap recently announced. Thanks for participating - here’s the link:

As far as I know, the Berlin hard fork has been postponed to June, and this hard fork has no impact on the value of the POA token.

How to verify that these verifiers really exist and hold valid license?

POA produces more than 12 million tokens every year, but only 3 Bitcoin transactions per day. It is really hard to imagine how long it can last until it returns to zero

For example, the current market value of a project abandoned by the team on LOOM Network is several times that of POA. What does this show? People would rather pick up rubbish than buy a project that has been issued continuously.