This bridge Eth classic/Eth MainNet works to transfer NFTs?


For start I congratulate the team for your great work which is very useful to the blockchain community.
I want to create NFTs on Eth classic , then I want to transfer them to Eth MainNet.
Can I use this bridge: to transfer NFTs from Eth Classic to Eth MainNet? This bridge works to transfer NFTs?

thank you in advance

That ETC bridge doesn’t support transferring NFTs.
You should look into another solution. E.g. ChainSafe ChainBridge supports NFT. You can set it up between ETC and ETH

Hi thank you for your help,

the problem is that I am not an IT developer, I am looking for a bridge that is already working (bridge that is already online).
Do you know if there is an online version of ChainSafe / ChainBridge? Or another Eth Classic / Eth MainNet online bridge that would allow me to transfer NFTs?

But if really there is no other solution I can try to create NFTs on Poa or Dai and then I transfer them to eth mainnet, with these two inline bridges it can work?:

thank you in advance

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it’s not that easy for work with NFTs without being a developer.
Did you consider to create your NFT?

Yes the problem is I have to create a lot of NFTs and the transaction fees are high on rarible.